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I was sucked in by a financial advisor to transfer my 401k from another bank to Chase, in a matter of 2 weeks my $137K turn into $131K and going down the word he used %3.5 DISCOUNT instead %3.5 FRONT LOAD Please HELP. Is there any legal avenue to take my money back, I...
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At the beginning of Jan 2010 I was told that for me to take monthly money out of a 401k I would have to transfer it to an IRA, so I did. After 9 months and two or three calls to my rep, which were never returned (ignored), I decided to move my money to a different account.

The new account sent a letter to Chase asking for the money to be transfered,but after four weeks nothing happened. So I called my account rep again, and as usual, no answer or no return call. After talking to four other people at Chase, my Congressman, and the local Securities and Exchange commission I got a return call from a "Senior" account vice president from Chase, he told me that the account had to be liquidated and it was not. My new company had not sent the proper request.

I told him verbally to liquidate the account, and my new company will send a new request. We'll see what happens, wish me luck.

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I was making a business deposit of over $10,000 and the teller is supposed to ask 'What's your occupation?' - I'd been making a bi-weekly deposit like that for years. The asst. manager, whom I'd witnessed being snotty and argumentative to other...
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Chase Bank Manager

Chase Bank Loan Modifications

I have been battling Chase Bank for about 1 year. I know I qualify for a loan modification and they deny me one day and then tell me my case is under review another day. They do not return phone calls nor do they response to requests from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency which overseas national banks. Now they've hit with a bogus late charge and sent me a default letter claiming my mortgage is 2 months late and neither statement is true. The Comptroller's Office indicates they're waiting for a response from Chase since April and Chase was supposed to response within 30 days. We are now moving towards the end of July. I can be reached at
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I have only started the process with Chase for remodification a month and a half ago. I am already dealing with the bu******. They do not return phone calls and the customer assistance specialist do not know anything.


i, too, have been getting runaround from Chase. Divorce caused me to apply for "Forebearance Protection Plan" which I paid for 1 year religiously.

In July of 2010 I was told that I had to apply for "Permanent" modification, which I did and have at least 1/2 dozen times. Turned down, and than approved in December 2010. Of course, that was not true, Chase never completed my mod, and never contacted me, never collected 1st payment due January 1, 2011.

re-apply, re-apply, re-apply, I am a bartender and do not have verification of income, so i do not qualify. Now, they say I have to be current, and they want over 50K for them to even consider letting me keep my family home, my home that my parents bought in the 1950's, raised 5 children in, the only REAL home to me, and Chase wants to take it away...Just give me a # to pay each month, let me show you that I can pay and leave me the %#^^%#^ ALONE!


To everyone who is having a hard time with Chase Bank mods. Please listen.

I have Bern trying for 2 1/2 years , 5 forclosures later. I decided to email the President. File out all the information about yourself and then write your comments.

2 days later the United States Treasury contacted me to help with my loan modification. It's not done yet but I'm haven't been turned down.

Try it. And good luck to all


We received a Fed Ex Package on Friday, August 19th with our "Permanent Loan Modification Documents" after almost 3 years!!! We read it this weekend and it has some "questionably language" in it so our attorney is reviewing it.

We only have until August 28th to accept and return it back to Chase (they included a Fed-Ex Package with the documents but they must receive it on or before August 28th) so that only gives us a couple days.

Our interest rate was reduced from 6.8% to 5.55% and we previously had an Arm Index of 1.24% and with the Loan Mod, we would not have an Arm Index. Some of the "questionably language" regards a "Balloon Payment" which we did not have in our original loan documents.

The breakdown of the costs involved included over $32,000 in Interest and increases our Principal Amount by $42,000!!!

This is why we have an attorney reviewing it


My husband is a construction worker. Due to the economy we have tried - also - to modify our loan

1. He was on unemployment for almost a year and was told that they couldn't remodify it because he wasn't working.

2. When he did start working part-time, we tried again. We have totally been given the run around. I work for an office where I can fax any info they need. I have fax confirmations that tell me that the faxes were sent - when the other end say's they didn't receive the info. I think they thought we would just give up. Nope, we sent every piece of info they asked for.

3. After over two months of this *** - my husband gets a call today and they tell him that we don't qualify for a modification because it isn't a death or divorce.

What the ***! They knew what our circumstances were to begin with. This is sooooo unfair - they ran us around trying to wear us out just to give us some bogus ***.



Chase Bank is a disgrace. I have been 3 1/2 years trying to correct my home loan which Chase bought in a package.

They have charged me 7 1/2% interest when I had a 4 1/2% interest FIXED loan which was for 5 years. The 5 years is up March 2012, and now I just got a notice that they are doubling my monthly payment as of July 1st this year and it will go on for more months than I can compute. I was hopeing for help at last next March when they would have to adjust to market which would be almost 1/2. They have taken all my equity, my peace of mind, and they seem just to want to push you to foreclosure.

Is it the FDIC payoff? They change the terms of the loan without any notice or discussion. I guess they get a lot of gov money from that??? We not only need a new banking system we need a new government.

The banksters must go.

Home ownership is a basic American right and way of life. I am going to keep fighting.


We recieved a modification from BofA who then sold our loan to Chase. Chase then took our loan and told us it was no longer modified and has been reporting me on a monthly basis to credit bureaus, as well, as harrassing phone calls and people to our door.

I have notarized documents from BofA approving the mod and Chase still doesn't acknowledge it.

Anyone else have experience with Chase going against an approved modification? They are the worst!!


You're wasting your time. Forensic audits and a company with experienced negotiators is what gets results. I heard a statistic that 80% of homeowners that work with banks to resolve foreclosure issues are foreclosed on. Why? According to numerous reports, loans are FDIC insured, so the bank makes more money to foreclose! AWESOME HUH!? The thanks we get for 75 billion in bailout money!

Seems like we need to get more than 'pissed' about this.


#226022 after we were denied, miraculously we received the "congratulatory" letter telling us we were approved for our trial payments....BIG JOKE!!! New payments were $20 more than what we are struggling to pay now!!

We are only 2 months behind so I can't see many arrearages adding up so much that the payment should be this high. When I called Chase to question this, the woman on the phone said that this was not a definite payment amount and that it could "increase"! Why would we agree to this? She also stated that the new trial payment of $2322.00 would be 31% of our gross income, which is so clearly WRONG!

31% would be $1800. When I pressed for more info, she became irate with me and started defending Chase stating, in a very nasty tone, that "Chase does not HAVE to do this", thereby insuring to me that even though I caught their mathematical error, that they still won't do what is right! My husband and I work a lot, and have suffered hardships, and I know now that our hardship was never even considered, nor were our listed expenses.

It just came down to the fact that they saw a profit to be made in foreclosing on us and gave us the ridiculous new payment to get us out of their way. I guess they do want our home, despite all of the lies they told me along the way that they want to help us save our home....wasted a year on this....forget it!!!


We are in the same boat....denied after a year of working with Chase. Did everything they asked us to do and kept in touch daily to make sure everything was ok.

Now they say we should reapply! I don't trust them anymore. No jumping through hoops for them worked for us...I did the best I could to comply, getting different requests for more documents over and we are behind in payments (just two) and can't afford to go another year in this process only to lose even more in the end. It is a shame that we could not get more help from Chase...shame on them...I know we qualified, and it is only because of their crummy handling of these mods that we lost in the end.

Now they are forcing us, and most others who applied in good faith to go into foreclosure...why does our government allow a bank to do something that is bad for our economy?

I am so upset that people do not see where the real fault lies the top, and until this corruption is stopped, the economy will go futher down the tubes. Hope there is alot of room at the homeless shelters for us middle class hard working people!!


I have been trying to refinance our mortgage for a year now, i've read all articles and everything that Chase has done to us has been done to many others, how can they get away with these unlawful tactics?? who holds them accountable??

I have filed a complaint with BBB of Ohio, contacted the Commissioner of Banks in my State of Mass, and plan to file a complaint with my states Atty Generals office. Theyve ruined our credit stating that we owe them thousands even though we have been paying what their rep's tell us to pay. They are too big and noone communicates with other depts, they have totally incompetent people working who do not care about you or what your needs are. The underwriter okayed the modification in May 2010 told me what the payment would be, told me the final mod would be in the mail the 1st or 2nd week of June and still nothing it is now August!!

She doesnt return calls, and her supervisor doesnt either noone has touched the modification and every month they tack on 2200 to my outstanding fees, late payments when i've been paying every month!!

This is robbery, fraud but they got me by the neck and noone will touch my mortgage so what do we do ??? help contact me @


We are at our wits end with EMC now Chase. Our home is about ot go into foreclosure with all the nonsense we have been through.

How did you find your attorney? We need help desparetly.


Chase you *** ***


I just went through the same thing with Chase. They held a 2nd mortgage on my home and we tried to have it modified for almost a year while they gave us the run around.

Let me tell you that you should start reviewing your closing loan documents. Do some research on TILA, RESPA, and Right to Rescind. We had our loan with them completely discharged and owe them nothing and they had to release the lien that they held on our home. We were able to prove that we were never given our 3 day right to rescind the loan (therefore the 3 days becomes 3 years) and also we were able to prove that we were never given a Truth in Lending disclosure.

They also overstated our ability to repay this loan at the time of origination. All of these are major violations of Federal Law. When it came time to go to court they didn't even answer our lawyers complaint filed with the court.

We received every thing by default judgement because they just didn't reply to the court. I hope that everyone who is able starts to do the same thing to these guys then maybe we can put them out of business together.

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Chase Bank Mortgage

Chase Bank in New Port Richey, Florida - Reposessed property next door.

We live on Azen Loop in Brooksville Fl. The property next door was reposessed by Chase Bank over a year ago. The grass has not been cut for that length of time. It is becoming an eyesore and also dangerous. The weeds are halfway up the house, there are huge ant hills all over and I am sure snakes in there. The school bus stops across from this property to pick up and drop off children. Doesn't Chase Bank care about taking care of property they own. The address is 27418 Azen Loop Brooksville Fl 34602 Thankyou, Irene Howe
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Chase Banks Sucks

Terrible bank. I live less than half a mile from the bank in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I always had to speak to a foreigner that after I gave all my bank information, enough for them to commit credit theft, they would tell me they could not give me information about my account! Really? The $10.98 monthly service fees to uses this lousy bank is ridiculous. The only reason I opened the account is to receive the $100.00 they offer for a new account. Well let me tell you, you will never get it, as there are to many stipulations. Closed the account and opened an account with Bank Of Oklahoma. They have a call center right here in the good old USA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Free checking and are user friendly.
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Chase bank is a Corporate Giant who could acre less about about you. Their customer service is horrible, Do a search on them about how they treat their Foreclosure victims..they will burn you if you give them the opportunity by doing business with them...

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Chase Bank Checking Account

Chase Bank in San Juan Capistrano, California - Chase reduced limits on my credit cards by 75% which will screw my credit score!

Recently I received notice that Chase had decided to reduce my credit limit on my credit cards by 75%! This action puts me over 50% of my limit! One card went from $17,000 to $2000! I have never missed payments or been delinquent on a payment. In fact, I always pay more than the minimum. Also, I have not been using those cards in an effort to pay them down. Now, with this action, my credit score will be seriously compromised which will ultimately have a very negative effect on my ability to refinance my home before interest rates increase. I have worked very hard to maintain good credi, and when something like this happens it makes me very irrate and frustrated.
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They did the same thing to me. I called, and they raised the credit limits right back. They said they did a wholesale reduction of accounts based on usage patterns.

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Chase Bank Credit Card

Chase Bank in Santa Barbara, California - Loan Modification Troubles with JPMorgan Chase

Dear Diane from Illinois and everyone experiencing the same behavior. As suggested ealier, contact your loal congress person and Attorney General and The Treasury Dept. Document all communications. Keep a clear log of all contacts including personnel at JPMorgan Chase. It is highly distressing to read all these complaints about JPMorgan Chase bank. The behavior by Chase is clearly intentional. I first thought it was incompetence, however it is not, it appears to be planned. In the meantime they are getting the support of the government - at "our" cost. It's so deeply disturbing. Know your efforts and my efforts will bring voice to this injustice. Lisa Sands Santa Barbara, CA
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Trying to get a loan modification since 2/2010, got served foreclosure papers in 6/2010. Got a lawyer, because we were to be served during mod period.

Since we have sent in 4 mods. Finally got a trial period, but no final modification.

Today we find we do not qualify for hamp, and no other programs. Check the mailbox, there is a large envelope from Chase asking us to send in another mod, due to a new program for 3/2012


I am on this band wagon...My husband is a disabled veteran as well as was medically discharged from the United States Army after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan we too were trying to go through the loan modification but every time we sent them the packet, it was sent back because there was a scribble mark on it or the date was not correct (even though the date was put on the paper by chase) this has been going on for months NOT to mention that they say they gave us a finalized loan modification but can't produce our signatures on it....BECAUSE we did not receive one. They also said in the beginning of all this that we were 5 payments behind when in fact was only 2.

We once again faxed the loan modification papers today and once again they said that it was to light and I had to do it again, how is it our fault that their fax products print to light? I contacted the executive office and they are stopping the foreclosure until they can get to the bottom (so they say)


My sister-in-law is loosing her home due to this company and their "modification loan" process. They gave them the option and told them not to pay any mortguage while it was under review.

After a year of back and forth trying to get an update, they receive a denial and Chase is forclosing on them. They have 3 kids and are shocked by what has happened to them.

This is horrible that this company can get away with this behavior. What is our government doing to oversee this behavior?


We requested a modification on our property in November 2009. It is now September 2010 and Chase is still "working on it"!!!!

What a joke!! We have sent in 5 modification packets at Chase's request!!! We will be contacting the SC attorney general to file a complaint. We would love to see a lawsuit filed against Chase for misrepresentation, taking govt $ and not fullfilling their end.

They know what they are doing!!! We have contacted an attorney.

Due to Chase playing games we are in foreclosure!! Who can help all of us bring them down!!!!!


Oh how the mighty is going to fall. These greedy criminals will all rot in ***. :) :)




Everyone needs to file a complaint with the FTC. If they get enough complaints they will investigate.

You also need to file with your local attorney generals office.

Enough people complained about bank of america and there was a successful lawsuit against them. LETS BRING CHASE DOWN :javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


These crooks will fabricate anything to get more $$$ out of you. My cousin missed one mortgage payment in 2009, and they made up this bull about him missing FOUR payments to get $4400 out of him.

He didn't know how to fight 'em, and ended up being foreclosed on this summer. He's now living in his car.

These *** will destroy you to make more $$$. Chase Home Finance will RAPE YOU.


I am convinced that Chase is doing this on purpose, I could not deal with them anymore so I get a lawyer


I can relate to every thing that I read about Chase on this site. I am being pushed out of my house even though I only missed two payments about 14 months ago.

They have some how fabricated a 5 month late scenario. They sent me a payment history that is so jumbled up their is no way to make sense of it. When I complained to the banking commision I just got denied a loan modification.

It is criminal. Class Action anyone?


Please count me in . I'm in the same boat and have been in loan mod since April 2009. They gave me a BAU payment to make in Aug 09 and been making that every month. Now they tell me that my loan mod is denied due to "negative present value" and I"m not qualified for any governemtn programs and have to go to their CHASE loan mod!? WTF?

I've gotten many different answers from many different reps who I have noted. I know they're tyring to get me to foreclose and my credit is so screwed now . My HANDS ARE TIED due to them ruining my credit.

This IS criminal activtity and injust!!!


How is it that it would have been legal to foreclose when there is fraud in the mortgages? Why refinace when it has been proven that nearly all mortgages have violations of TILA and RESPA?

Why is no one fighting since the government is not going to do it and you can't trust lawyers to fight for your rights? Come on people stand up and fight!

Take back what was stolen, I am and the mortgage company's lawyer is still wondering how he got blind sided by some one who is not a lawyer. Because I read the laws and I am holding his and the judges feet to the fire (law).


I've had a whole lot of issues with Chase over a modification request that was denied and extremely rude representatives. You name it, I experienced it.

I mailed several complaint letters to the corporate office in New York and I've received phone calls and letters from the corporate office apologizing, but they still didn't approve the loan modification. I can prove financial hardship, but I have equity in my home so they were pushing me to refinance for 30 years instead of approving the modification. I should be back on my feet in 6 months so to refinance for 30 years over 6 months seemed extreme to me. It seems to me they were pushing for a refinance so they could make a lot more $ off my loan in the long run.

When I said that to a representative his reply was "Why do you care if Chase makes more money off your loan? You get to keep your house, that's all you should be concerned with." I only had 9 years left to pay so I would be adding 21 years to my loan. They also flagged my account as if it was 90 days past due even though it was only 2 weeks past due. I asked why they did that and it's standard procedure if you apply for a loan mod.

They also took away my ability to pay online so I was forced to call in my payment and they were really rude when I called in, asking me 5 different times if I still lived in my home and if it was in good condition.

I finally got tired of dealing with them so I decided to go ahead and refinance for 15 years, but with another company so as of Aug 1, I will no longer be a Chase customer and I could not be happier. Here are the names of two people who have contacted me from corp Darryll Johnson 888-310-7995 ext 1630 and Ashley Hall 614-422-3293.


Chase has been involved in criminal activity in this manner for the past 2 years. It is criminal because, rather than proceed with foreclosure per the mortgage contract you signed with them, they proceeded with an ongoing scheme of deception to foreclose on your property under the guise of following federal required procedures when they borrowed the billions.

Anotherwords they used deception to get to a foreclosure.

They have done this to tens of thousands of homeowners in the same manner without recourse by the federal government. The irony is that if they did not mislead you over this time period and simply foreclosed under the mortgage contract it would have been legal.


Chase has been involved in criminal activity in this manner for the past 2 years. It is criminal because, rather than proceed with foreclosure per the mortgage contract you signed with them, they proceeded with an ongoing scheme of deception to foreclose on your property under the guise of following federal required procedures when they borrowed the billions.

Anotherwords they used deception to get to a foreclosure.

They have done this to tens of thousands of homeowners in the same manner without recourse by the federal government. The irony is that if they did not mislead you over this time period and simply foreclosed under the mortgage contract it would have been legal.


Chase has been involved in criminal activity in this manner for the past 2 years. It is criminal because, rather than proceed with foreclosure per the mortgage contract you signed with them, they proceeded with an ongoing scheme of deception to foreclose on your property under the guise of following federal required procedures when they borrowed the billions.

Anotherwords they used deception to get to a foreclosure.

They have done this to tens of thousands of homeowners in the same manner without recourse by the federal government. The irony is that if they did not mislead you over this time period and simply foreclosed under the mortgage contract it would have been legal.


How are we going to show they broke the law? I know they did, you know they did but who are we?

Information as to the facts needs to be independent and verifiable to hold weight in court. The only choice we have is to fight back ourselves, it is the only way to take back our country.

It is our responsibility to fight for our rights, and no one can do that better than yourself. Get a law dictionary, it will enlighten you, also read Webster's dictionary and look up the words bench and bank, then realize what we are fighting.

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Chase Bank Loan
After posting my first complaint on June 23rd I have been doing extensive research on other stories with Chase. All of the stories are the same: Chase is simply not cooperating with accomodating me and thousands of others in the same situation. Chase poses as...
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I too attempted to go through a Loan Modification to keep my home. Chase always needed more paperwork, cannot find the paperwork, cannot read the paperwork, the pages arrived blank or black (so how did they know they were mine??).

All kinds of excuses. The scary part is all the while they will not take any money, they hiked my monthly payment from $1,200 a month to $3,135 a month, said that was legal according to Obama and still, after 15 months did not complete the modification.

I finally sold the house, but it cost a bunch to be in the phony loan modification process. I feel certain that the objective is to get as many houses into their posession through foreclosure as possible.

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  • Lois Capps

Chase Bank in San Diego, California - Spread the word...

Spread the word...Do not bank with Chase or J.P. Morgan Chase whatever they want to call themselves. They don't care about their customers. They only care about how much money they can get out of their customers. It's sad, really... I'm speaking from my experience with them..Do not do business with Chase! That is why Federal Regulations changed on how banks charged their customers with overdraft fees. Chase is number one on charging customers with OD fees even though they know customers don't have enough funds in their accounts. They purposely keep your previous transactions on "Pending" for a longer time than they supposed to so they can charge customers. Now all banks should ask customer's permission first before they can charge OD fees because of their own negligence or greediness.
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All banks do this. Wachovia used to hold my pending transactions knowing that my direct deposit was set to hit at midnight.

They would release the held pending transactions an hour or so before the direct depost hit, leaving me with at least one overdraft. All banks are pond ***.

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Chase Bank Customer Care

Chase Bank in Alpharetta, Georgia - Would not apply my payment.

I made my payment to Chase for my mortage on the 16th. Yes, this was one day late. The problem is, Chase refuses to apply ANYTHING to my account until my mortgage payment (with plenty of late fees attached) has been paid. It makes the statement look like I never paid them a dime! They have $1400 of my money! Doesn't that count for something? Thanks, Obama, for letting me bail them out. I'm so happy knowing that I get hit in the wallet for having a mortgage and having bailed them out. Great job, oh *** one!
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Chase Bank Mortgage