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Chase Bank - Chase Home Mortgage Bank (JP Morgan Bank)

Company Chase Bank
Product / Service Mortgage Charges
Location Trenton, Michigan
Category Shopping
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Monetary Loss

One of the worse banking companies in existence today, Hope they are the next to fall big time.These fools keep adding charges to the small balance I have on my mortgage.

It should have been paid off in August 08 instead as it stands today I still owe them 987.00 total. Each month they come up with another excuse to extort money from us for this mortgage that should have been paid months ago. They are crooked, corrupt and should be shut down today. Not deserving of dealing with the public.

One can only hope Chase Bank befalls what other corrupt institutions such as Chase have in recent days.

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Jan 11, 2010 
My heart breaks for each and every circumstance here. I have been either a science teacher or school administrator for the past 10 years. In June I received notice that my position was being abolished due to budget cuts. We have our mortgage with Chase. Simultaneously Chase added 500.00 to our current mortgage payment ( paid regularly for 1.5 years) stating they "noticed" a deficit in escrow? No explanation..no prior notice..so our payment increased from 3,464 to 3,964 the same month I lost my position. Thankfully my husband still has his position, however, on Long Island, dropping to one income with three kids in college left us unable to make the regular payment, let alone the increased payment. We started the loan modification process in July and were notified our three trial payments would be close to what the reduced payment would be once approved for final modification 2,800. The 3 mos turned into 7 mos. During this time I am still unemployed and receive the maximum 405.00 weekly in unemployment. We faxed and resubmitted the same documents time and again. Every month we received late statements with no record, other than my bank statements, showing the reduced payments made monthly. Finally we receive the fedex with the final paperwork. I will not waste time including the hours and hours on hold, talking to representatives that had conflicting stories on the same day, and the emotional and physical impact this has had on our lives. I see we have all experienced the... Show more
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