Chase Bank - BeCareful Using Rush Card Prepaid Debit

I got the for my banking needs.The card came and I made arrangments for direct deposit.

Expecting my deposit today I checked before heading out to pay bills. When I checked I was told it would take 3 days for the funds to be attached to my card. Nowhere in the agreement does it state that. I even pointed that out to them.

They told me that the money is deposited to JP Morgan Chase asked for the number and they said they didnt have it.

I said yea right tell me another one.In order to speak ot a supervisor I had to Tell them im am filing complaints with bbb and the banking comission.Unless you dont want your direct deposit when you are suposed to get it I would seriously NOT use Rush Card held by JP Morgan chase.

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Nov 07, 2013 #739390 Baltimore, Maryland

wtf r u serious should have known
:( :cry :sigh :eek :upset

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Jul 30, 2013 #690475 Los Angeles, California

those so called payday loans are a big fraud. They should be investigated and made to be discontinued. There no help

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mentally bothered

Feb 28, 2013 #615914 Rochester, New York

I referred my son n my boyfriend for the rushcard n told them to have their tax refund deposited onto the card WAT A BIF *** MISTAKE. My boyfriends moneyhad been n his account so long that by the time we called he had both federal n state neither one of them had been posted to his account n when we called they claim he need ed to send additional info smfh so that was *** up then had to wait 3 days n nothing still my son still waiting he was told it would b posted n 1 to 3 hours then nothing called back n was told 2 days 9:00 pacific time nothing then called back n was told he would have to send n additional info WTF IS GOING ON RUSSEL R U SCAMMING US OR JUS THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR U. IM POSTING ALL THIS ON YOUTUBE SO NO ONE ELSE HAS TO GO THROUGH THIS :(

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nortricia peterson irby

Mar 19, 2013 #625374

rush card is terrible beware donot use this card for any depoist over 20.00 i loaded my tax refund on this last name of irby wasnt on the card but peterson was i was told to send in doc. my deposit date was 03/13/2013 I faxed everything i was asked to fax the day the deposit was to come on the card yet my refund was returned to irs on the 14 of march at 731am when i was told they would hold the refund 7 days....these people are liars...non trustworthy...unprofessional i recomend that this company not even be used...... and seems loke no amercians work there u can barely understand the reps that work there...they will should be sued...russell simmions should be a shame i was a big fan of his but no longer i am boycotting all his products from now on as should other comsumers espeically this rushcard...beware of rush card beware of rush card

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Feb 20, 2013 #611857 Racine, Wisconsin

I dont know how to describe this issue.... I work two jobs and have direct deposit set up through Rushcard, but they seem to be playing me on my refund. I am self-employed PCA, and I get paid from the state 2xs a month.. the funds are early/or on time, but I cant get my refund on time, which is coming from the state... I'M ***** CLUELESS right now!!! And highly agitated with it all.

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Feb 27, 2013 #615212 Newark, New Jersey

I'm going thru the same exact thing right now the irs keep telling me they sent my refund and rushcard keep saying they uh scent received anything and that I have to wait till the third business day, they day comes and still nothing but just like u my weekly pay comes everyweek on time infact my payday is Friday but with direct deposit I get it every Wensday at 12:00 am on the Dot Smh I'm clues and very much aggravated as well I don't understand it!! :upset :? :(

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Very Angry Consumer

Feb 11, 2013 #607340 Saginaw, Michigan

Rushcard has a very poor customer service and business process. I had my funds direct deposited onto my rushcard (my entire check might I add). My card was misplaced and I called to get another card from them, I was given the option to pay $35 for it to be expedited, and of course I had to go with this option, seeing as though I have kids and was running low on gas and food. I patiently waited for the 1 to 2 business days promised, but after the 2nd business day, I still had no card. I called to inquire about my card and after waiting nearly 30 min. for a customer service rep. I was told the previous representative forgot to process it ( but the funds was still taken out of my account). I was promised and assured they was going to process my request to have my card overnight ( because I had waited). I was also told I would get a confirmation email as well as a call from the supervisor explaining to me what went wrong and to get the reassurance my card was on its way. Let me just say, none of those things happened. All this company care about is making a buck from you. A financial company like this should have a more organized, faster way of the recovery process for loss, damaged, or stolen cards. I quickly noticed there were no real plan and for the most part, they will tell you anything just to get off the phone. I will do my best to share this with anyone who is considering doing their banking with this company. I strongly advice against it!!!

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Nov 08, 2012 #566553

I think its great. I have never had a problem with them. Whether you pay fee's to your bank or you pay fee's to Rushcard, you will still pay. Nothing is free in the world you guys. I also agree with Candy about their customer service representatives. You just cant understand them and if you ask for someone else, its the same problem. It makes for bad communication. Other than that, I've been using them for 3 years. I love them.

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Trap Girl

Feb 13, 2013 #608496 Shreveport, Louisiana

I agree with you Tina..I haven't had any problems with my Rush Card so far. I had my 2012 Tax return deposited on there and it came on time with NO problems. 8) :)

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Feb 20, 2013 #611937 Las Vegas, Nevada

the thing i want to no is does the money come before the frist

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PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 04, 2012 #564348

:( well I finally decided to add funds to my card... WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!!! I agree THIS CARD IS A HUGE RIP OFF!!! It cost me 5 bucks to load, & then they take 15 bucks to activate the *** card... fee for this & a fee for that its BULL ***. So out of 40 I got 18 bucks. Oh yea by the way the ONLY AFFILIATION that this piece of S@*T card has with JP Morgan Chase Bank is THEY handle the directs ONLY!!!! NO THANKS !!!!! I will stick to my Ace Card. I have NEVER had ANYTHING like this happen with them.

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Jan 23, 2013 #597788 Jacksonville, Florida

Ace is the best prepaid card rush card is a rip off! Go with ace netspend

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Nov 02, 2012 #563439

;) My only gripe is, in the 3 yrs ive had my card when i call customer services, i can't understand them.. i am not racist, but its always a foreigner that i can't understand and then we have a language barrier, makes a really difficult phone call. Anyway- GREAT JOB otherwise!!

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pissed off Givens

Oct 17, 2012 #556224

:cry I can hurt Russell uuugggghhhhh

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Jun 19, 2012 #498253

I've been using rushcard for years and never had a single problem.if something went wrong it was your doing!!!

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Jul 11, 2013 #678352 Phoenix, Arizona

I totally agree with you, I had my card since 2003 I have my check deposited from work and no problems. When I had one it was my fault, and I read everything carefully especially fine print. Sometime it is hard to understand rep, but they do know there job at the end of day. Love my card I have 3 rushcards.

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May 01, 2012 #474337

I just got this rushcard in the mail a couple weeks ago. Before i even got it in the mail it i get 7 of the same email saying my card has been set up for direct deposit for my SSI--- i NEVER set up a direct deposit because i didnt want that for a specific reason... So i call the number on the back of the card and the REP tells me not to worry about it its just a confirmation saying that i got i say ok for now. I check today(the 1st my SSI is in my bank by 7am.) And i have no money in my bank account-- i contact SSI and it got set up where i have Direct Deposit to the debit card- which may i remind people- I NEVER SET UP! So i call up the *** company and i was on the phone with the rep for an hour! He said the best he can do is send me a check to my bank for all the money will be at my bank in 7-10 buisness days.. so now i'm thinking about calling the police and reporting them because i never set up for direct deposit and now they have my money -THE ONLY MONEY I HAVE TO PROVIDE FOR MYSELF AND MY 5 MONTH OLD! - i'm not sure what i;m going to do if i dont get my money back.

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Jan 02, 2013 #588363

Get a job you *** and stop mooching off of the government. I will kill both you and your little mistake when I get the chance to locate you.

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Jan 28, 2013 #600276 Richardson, Texas

hey, MK don't ever tell someone get a job, ssi is for disable people and you don't know his or her situation. grow up and get some smarts...

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new customer

Feb 03, 2013 #603295

mk all i can say is your one ignored mutha ***. how the hel can you say that *** to jess77. someone needs to locate you and put your *** *** under the ground obiviously you have mad issues that need to be resolved. this lady has a baby tht u called a mistake your the mistake ***. i hate ppl like you. your *** is probably a moocher you no good ***. :(

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