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Honestly this bank always upsets me today it goes to show how twrrible they are as a company. They have hidden fees that are called "insufficient funds fee" this time I did have sufficient funds and unfortunately another bank tha i pay my car with didnt have the full amoubt in the time they told me they had it so they did this whole fiasco and basicaly said i owe more than that plus the insufficient fee now i even have receipts to prove when i... Read more

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The worst customer service i ever had. I was talking to Patricia, she was so rude and unpolite, i'm considering to close all my accounts in Chase. Add comment

This bank is disgusting and the customer service is atrocious you don't deserve to be in business you do not appreciate customer loyalty and don't even provide the basic free services such as notarization that you claim to. When your ATMs went down no attempt was made to compensate those who may have been inconvenienced by your technical malfunctions and yet you are right here every month to collect your much undeserved service fee. I find your... Read more

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SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS Shutting down branches... Closing down windows... Long lines every day. Customers ***..... Employees demoralized from being bitched at... I am DONE.... Pulling my account and finding a more "Customer Friendly" bank. Good luck Add comment

I applied for a credit card I never heard anything about it until I got a letter to me as a customer of chase. Never gave me an account number. So since I thought I was a customer of chase without ever applying for that I applied for another credit card and was turned down. Now I am told I have a secure message. I tried to read it but I was asked for my account number that I was never given. What do I do now? Read more

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on may 12 2016 3.14 pm, I went to ATM CA 2204 located on 20455 Devonshire St Chatsworth Ca. I to enter my Master Card (DEBIT) ending on 3766 for a cash advance for the amount of 200.00 dlls. with a 3.00 dll. charge for use of Chase ATM and the amount was charged to my account but transaction denied stating (Due to technicaldifficuties we are unable to process your withdrawal at this time, Please try again.) the problem is they withdraw the... Read more

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Horrible constumer service. Just poor Add comment

Waited in the drive thru to make a deposit and finally got to atm and it was a pain in my butt just with the timer running for 5 minutes and said sorry cant do anything at this time went to another line and same thing tons of cars pissed off and was a waste of a lot of peoples time they are nicer new atms why must they be like this shut them down if not working or make it say a statement when you arrive to screen sayi g nit worki ng or something... Read more

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Chase Bank decided, without any customer feedback, to switch all their online banking to their mobil site. The Chase mobil site is,in a word, HORRID! When i called their online banking services i was connected to Genevie, she proceeded to tell me,in a robot voice, how it was impossible to change back to the old site and that's the best she could do. She informed me she would submit my remarks to "the powers that be" I will be switching banks... Read more

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Claimed my insurance and taxes went $1000 last year and $1800 this year. Continue to raise my payments. They didn't schedule payments June and July, but added same amount short to justify payment increase. Sleazy. Add comment

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