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Since we cant get any resolution from this banks flat out stealing our money, and giving us bank policy reasons that are convenient excuses and put offs with no money credited back to our accounts. Ive yet to find where to register a customer complaint against a Claims Dept. Supervisor named "Brian". He wont give his last name. Since when did bankers or tellers last name become top secret???? That in itself is shady. If your handling large... Read more

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I guess you can get too big as an institution. Meaning, Chase Bank is unable to continue to scale while maintaining sliver of a service oriented culture. I called today about a simple servicing issue (should have taken 5 minutes), but was unnecessarily held captive by their fraud department for ~1.5 hours. Spoke with multiple people, same authentication process over and over again, overly scripted.... simply unbelievable. I think I have a... Read more

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I did some research about why we are being required to show ID with a cash deposit .... I will make this short because the whole explanation is very long ... I did some research .... the reason is because of Jamie Dimon (Chase CEO) & Bernie Madoff ... yes that's what I said. Seems Chase failed to do any SAR's (suspicious activity report) on any of Bernie Madoff's HIGHLY suspicious transactions (Bernie's illegal transactions made money for Chase)... Read more

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I've been with Chase for a long time but I'm sick of all the fees. They hit me with fees when my direct deposit is under their minimum level, and then they'll put my debits in before my deposits on the same day to charge me more fees, and then fees to use my savings account. It's getting ridiculous. There's free checking at about every other bank, and Chase is a huge bank so it doesn't make sense that they need to charge so many different fees... Read more

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I'll tell you that bank is listed in the Panama Papers! They stole our tax payers money and hide it ... so that ironically they don't have to pay taxes! They refuse to answer my calls after the bailout for a loan modification and still they "steal" people's houses and made out like thieves. Wake up America! It's not Trump or the government it's corporate America that has convinced people that the gov was evil and have defunded it. Just wait to... Read more

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I had deposited money which I thought was already available after 2 days because my local Chase bank told me that AND I received an email telling me it was AVAILABLE! I tried to use my funds but system came back & said my account was overdrawn. I called your customer service to try to clear it up and waited 5 minutes to speak to this incompetent ***! He did NOT want to hear my problem and just recited your "rules and regulations" to sound like... Read more

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Shittiest customer service ever! Chase needs to get better and hire new customer representatives, because they have very trashy attitudes.

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I've been a Chase customer over 20 years, as have several members of my family. I have personal and business accounts with Chase. We have overdraft protection for our checking account linked to our credit card. It helps me to know I will never bounce a check accidentally or due to math error. This system has worked effectively for us for many years. Chase has discontinued this process and now will only overdraft from a savings account. They say... Read more

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We have been with Chase for over 10 years. When doing the 3rd five year increment of a commercial loan the bank made us jump through so many hoops. Even after all the jumping, 6 months later the loan still hasn't been closed. After the second time of Chase asking for the same information we already sent over we decided to get funding elsewhere. In less then 2 weeks we are able to close on the loan with a different bank. We are now waiting... Read more

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For years, I have received bi-weekly offers from Chase to switch to their checking accounts. I am talking about hundreds and hundreds of pieces of junk mail to subscribe to using their banking systems. Do they think I am brain dead and need thousands of solicitations to change my bank and go with them. Get a clue, save your money and our trees, STOP the incessant onslaught of junk mail for the same services over and over. If I wanted to... Read more

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